Communication with Europe Group Tours:

  • Once you book the tour, we take care of your visa formalities. However granting or rejecting visas is the sole prerogative of the concerned Embassy.
  • You have to submit the visa file with relevant documents within specified time.
  • In case of consulate queries, we will communicate with you.
  • Two days before tour departure, we will call you to reconfirm your departure time.
  • Balance payment to be made 20 days prior to the tour departure.
  • Collect hotel details with your insurance policy, Airtickets and passports with valid visas if paid for the same.

Overseas Travel insurance is a complete single trip cover for a person on a holiday trip abroad. It covers for loss/delay of checked-in baggage, loss of passport etc. and also medical expenses during overseas stay. Overseas insurance is mandatory for schengen visa and we recommend it. Travel insurance for the travel period only as per the itinerary. Age of 49 yrs and above will be charged difference as per the premium mentioned on your travel insurance. Age 70 yrs and above will have to give their medical reports and will be charged extra as per the premium mentioned in on your travel insurance.

The passport is your only proof of identification abroad. Safeguard it! If lost or stolen, act immediately

  • File FIR at the police station of that destination.
  • Visit and inform the Indian Embassy of that country. Depending on the country where the passport is lost, expenses will be INR 25,000- 50000. The Tour Manager cannot stay back with you for any procedures as he is bound to complete the tour with the group. With proper care, you won't lose either your passport or peace of mind!

Things To Carry

Passport and photocopies ,insurance policy, toiletries, sun screen lotion(SPF 30+), sunglasses, reading glasses, umbrella, woolens as per temperature of the rescpective countries, cold cream, medicines if any, with doctor's prescription, handy cam, camera (Preferably digital), extra batteries (they are expensive abroad, so buy local), calculator, Sea sickness tablets, Electric kettle for tea / coffee ( tea bags, sugar, creamers).


  • Sports/ formal shoes for Casino. Other comfortable footwear.
  • Water Slippers.


  • Please do not keep any money or valuables in your check in luggage.Money and valuables should be kept carefully with you on person or in your hand baggage.
  • Allowance per person: Cargo/check-in luggage- 20 kg and Handbag- 5 kg. For comfort, we suggest you carry light luggage in a strolley as there is no porterage included on this tour and heavy luggage would cause you great inconvenience while on the tour.
  • For all transportation including airlines only 1 piece of check in baggage is allowed.
  • Articles not allowed in Cabin Luggage (Hand Bag).
Toothpaste, Hair Oil / Gel / Cream / Shampoo etc., Hair Dryer, Cream/Razor/After Shave Lotion, Cosmetics ,Liquors, Perfumes/liquid lipstics / Body sprays, batteries, Tissues/Baby Napkins, liquids including water, medicines without doctors priscription etc.

On the day of Departure:
Please be at the airport, 3 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Flight Departure:
For security reasons, airlines don't allow group check- in. Each family member has to check- in individually.

The airport formalities are:
Enter airline departure terminal – meet our airport representative – Enter inside baggage screening – check-in at respective airline counter (Cargo bags check in, collect name tag hand bag, boarding pass, passport and immigration form) – fill immigration form – immigration procedure – custom declaration if any – proceed to departure gate and wait in the departure lounge – board flight on announcement.

In flight Services:

  • Flight seats are generally pre–allotted by airlines and Europe Group Tours doesn't have any control. You can request the airline.
  • All in-flight services, such as meals, audio-video entertainment, etc. are provided as set by the respective airline.
  • It is advisable to wear a sweater if you cannot bear the cold in-flight.
  • Drink sufficient water and do some stretching exercises to avoid aches and pain.
  • Fill the disembarkation form.

On-arrival formalities:

  • Before leaving the aircraft, ensure you have your belongings like passport, hand bag, mobile, etc.
  • Proceed to arrival / immigration/baggage collection area with your tour leader.
  • Wait in queue for immigration with passport and completed disembarkation form.
  • Show documents to the immigration authority and answer queries politely.
  • After immigration, proceed to baggage collection belt to collect your baggage, listen to your tour leader's.


  • Come out of the airport with the group through the green channel.
  • Follow tour leader to the coach and load your baggage with the help of coach driver.
  • Get your coach seat number from the tour leader and take your seat.
  • Set your watches to the local time of the destination.

Coach Travel:

  • Please ensure your presence at the coach departure time to avoid delaying the group.
  • Coach drivers are often called Coach Captain and we request you to be polite to him/her. Please use phrases/greetings like, Good Morning, Thank you, Can I... etc.
  • Always occupy your allotted seat only and not that of a tour leader, front row vacant seats or any other guest seat.
  • Kindly note that Smoking / eatables/eating are/is not allowed in coach.
  • They are standard 50 seater air conditioned coaches with reclinable seats, large tinted glass windows with audio and video systems. A seat rotation policy ensures guests get opportunity for front seats on certain days as well. Comfort stops are made at intervals of 2½ - 3 hrs. In U.K your coach will be air cooled.

Hotel Check-In

Stay and Safety precautions:

  • Rooms are generally pre-allotted by the hotel management. Tour leader distributes the rooms (keys) on arrival, in the hotel lobby. He will also inform you about his room number so that it is easy to contact him in any emergency.
  • Identify and tag your baggage with the room number. You need to take your luggage to your rooms on your own. At a few places, Bell boys get your larger bags to your room. Please follow tour leader’s instructions for the same.
  • Rooms generally have a mini bar, television with few pay channels, bath tub/shower etc.
  • Kindly note that before departure from the hotel, you have to settle your room bills for items consumed from the mini-bar, pay TV channels used, any damage to hotel property caused by you, pilferages, if any and for any hotel services used that is not mentioned in your itinerary.
  • Keep your money, passport and other valuables in room or in safety lockers. Avoid keeping them in your bags. Reset and remember your safety locker code as arranging for duplicate key costs $50 to $300.
  • We strongly recommend you not to carry valuables on tour.
  • Many hotels allow free use of gymnasium and swimming pool. Please be suitably attired. Remember that grooming and behavior influences people’s general perception of a country.
  • Similarly, night gowns/dresses are not allowed in the dining area, reception area or any group gathering. Please wear proper casual or semi formal attire at all times.
  • Avoid currency exchange at the hotel as generally the rates are higher.
  • Tour leader will always inform you about morning alarms, breakfast time, breakfast hall, departure time etc. Please follow his instructions to avoid confusion and group delay.
  • If you take any hotel items outside, like beach towels please remember to return the same or you will be charged for it.

Room Sharing:

  • Note-If your room-sharing partner cancels due to unavoidable circumstances, then you will have to pay single occupancy charges.
  • If you are assigned a room-sharing partner and your relative joins in later, then you’ll have to stay on triple-sharing, if your partner cannot be paired with someone else for room sharing.
  • Please take care of your own belongings.
  • Shared rooms have a no-smoking policy. Any misunderstandings, difference of opinions or incidents like missing items will have to be sorted/ settled by you. The tour leader will not interfere in the same.
  • There is no system of providing drinking water in the rooms. Normal tap water is safe for drinking all over Europe.

Continental Buffet Breakfast as per the itinerary is included. On occasions there is a fruit supplement .Lunches will be packed and Dinners are all sit down meals at restaurants.

Sightseeing: Timing and Precautions.

As per Indian custom's rules, duty free allowance per person is INR 25000 and each traveler can carry one lap top, 2 Ltrs. liquor and 200 cigarettes. If the traveler crosses the above limit of Duty free purchase, he/ she will have to pay the applicable duty on arrival at Indian Airport.

Currency: Guest can carry 2000 USD in cash, 8000 USD in TC's and 5000 INR.

Tour Directors: They are some of the most senior and experienced hands in the business . All hail from India.

Terms and Conditions: For all prices, schemes and offers, conditons apply..

  • Offer valid for limited tours, limited seats and for limited period only. World tours mentioned are Ex-Delhi. Europe Group Tours reserves the right to amend/ alter/withdraw the scheme/offer at any point of time without prior notice.
  • Tour Prices are different for different regions and discounted prices are funded from promotional budget of Europe Group Tours.